Sat 14.05.11–Fri 20.05.11
Anna Jordan
Math of Muscle Men (Malerei)

Fighting against stereotypes with the help of Muscle Men. It is a movement hence powerful that is why it makes an airy figure everywhere. That is why it goes forward at all directions. The math of Muscle Men bears down each and every stereotype. And most of all the physics of force and counterforce. With a view to the different segments of art the isosceles triangle standing on its base coming from the periphery of the artistic life is repositioned to the centre, based by the ideology of conscious approach so far in the past and the composition built up by its self-coincident spirituality. We could explain this by giving up the distance from the generated-deviant fine-art on an ambivalent way as we enter the artistic environment’s communication medium with a turnaround but still representing our own values and start dialogue with the items determining the bases of artistic life. We would allude to some expressions-proverbs already well-known in our country that similarly to artistic branches developed by force could seem as banalities meanwhile according to a subjective manner and applying them to the present situation somehow picking them out from their already learned medium propagate the conceptions of global awareness of truth while querying themselves. Who would not know the meaning of “owl tells the sparrow that it has a big head”, or the background expression of “no better than she should be” and the abstraction of “the snake biting its own tail” in an essential sense.

The mission focuses on the present situation acknowledging the fact of influence of ages, legends, heroes, philosophical systems and the effect of political life to the society. But we are living in today and we can recognize the inducements of will the best here in this age as its consequence on cause and effect level. Therefore in this case for now and even after it is time to extrapolate both additive and subtractive characteristics of bow mirror. Thereby believing that after perception is done the picture gets clear and jells and in the future we only find true colours aligned side by side on the colourful palette of artistic life. So there are peace, sympathy, respect and friendship left.

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